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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

(art. 13 and following European Regulation 679/2016)

This policy is intended to describe how management of the site in relation to the processing of the personal data of the visitors who consult it and use it to place orders/purchases. Yes This is an information which is made under art. 13 of the Rules European No. 679/2016 (Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data in States) to those who connect to the site

Your personal data, provided to MA-RA-NEL-VIAGGI following the consultation of the website or the purchase of products/services, are used by MA-RA-NEL-VIAGGI in accordance with the privacy protection principles set out in the European and other relevant rules.

holder of the treatment

The owner of the treatment is MA-RA-NEL-VIAGGI, based in Via Dino Ferrari 15 41053 Maranello (MO) match VAT 02645750361,

Any those responsible for the treatment will be appointed, When the Holder is appointed to external assignments for the you need to share your customer’s data, for the only time you have to purposes related to the contracts/relationships that may be in place between the parties, among those who present sufficient safeguards to put in place measures appropriate techniques and organisational techniques so that the treatment meets Regulation requirements and ensure the protection of the rights of the person concerned and prior to subscription by the Contract Manager/addendum professional assignment containing the requirements and specifications of the treatment itself.

Purpose and legal basis treatment

The purpose of the processing of the data user are:

(a) the fulfillment of pre-contractual and contractual relationships existing between the parties and the fulfilment of rules and legal obligations to which the The holder of the treatment is subject (as an example of registration to the site, service purchase, customer support in the use of products, and services provided by the Company);

b) additional and different purposes than those (marketing on company products, sending the person newsletters, commercial communications and/or advertising material services and other products in the company).

For the pursuit of the aims referred to in the point a) processing of the person’s personal data is necessary and consent at the same time it is fulfilled directly in the assignment/purchase product.

For the processing of the person’s data on the prior to pre-contractual/contractual purposes (b) the express consent of the person concerned is required, provided indifferent to paper form or telematically by the same.

Bestowal and nature mandatory or optional data

The personal data required is only those necessary to fulfill the user’s request, in full compliance with the principles of adequacy of the european Regulation’s sanctioned treatment. They are therefore mandatory as they are strictly functional to the execution services requested by the user.

In particular:

– Last name, first name, email, password for registering at the site
– Tax information for the purchase of products and services provided society.

This data, with the express consent provided in the manner may also be used for the additional purposes of which (b) of the previous step. 

However, each user has the right, directly from their own personal area of the site, to modulate their consent (for the purposes contract) at all times.

Methods of Treatment

The processing and retention of the data will be made with the help of automated computer tools and means such as to allow the user/customer to access his data personal information in ns. possession, in the most appropriate way to ensure that integrity, updating, security and confidentiality, protecting them unauthorised and/or unlawful treatment as well as loss, destruction or accidental damage. 

Except for communications that are made compliance with legal obligations, the data may be disclosed to persons who carry out specific tasks on behalf of the writer commitment to the protection of your personal data in accordance with provisions of this Policy and the Rules on the Chief treatment referred to in artt. 28 and following of EU Regulation 679/2016, as well as applicable legal rules.

Duration of treatment

The processing of the data will take place in required the duration of the relationships established between the parties and, after conclusion of the outstanding relationship/contract, in order to comply with the civil and fiscal law applicable to the outstanding relationship, other compliance/statutory obligation to which the Holder is required to (a) while, for performance (b) subject to consent, will take place until that consent will not be revoked by the person concerned.

Rights of the person concerned

At any time, the person concerned will be able to exercise, with a request written, with respect to the owner of the treatment identified above, all rights recognized by applicable European and domestic law Articles 13, 14, 15 to 22 and 34 of the European Regulation and the national legislation in force, in particular:

(a) the right to obtain confirmation of whether or not there is data that concerns you, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form, the right to get free access and/or copy of your personal data processed with all aspects relevant to the treatment provided by Reg. Eu.
b) the right to get the update for free, inaccurate data, limitation of processing, or, when interested in the integration of data 

c) the right to oppose, in whole or in part, the treatment personal data that concerns you even if they are relevant to the purpose of the for legitimate reasons or to revoke, in whole or in part, your consent, if it is necessary

(d) the right to complain to a health authority control (Data Protection Authority) or judicial authority;

The full list of the person’s rights is available in paper form at the Office of the Treatment Owner or by email prior to written request of the same.


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