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Ferrari Factory Bus Tours

Ferrari Factory Bus Tours


The Ferrari Museum in Maranello reserves its visitors the opportunity to take an exclusive scenic shuttle tour inside the Fiorano Track and along the Enzo Ferrari avenue in the Factory.

A guide from the Museum will illustrate, in Italian and English, the characteristics and contents of the Ferrari circuit, where the tests of the racing and road cars have been held since 1972, and the Ferrari Citadel, the heart of the plants where they are produced all the cars of the Cavallino. Of particular interest are the architectural structures created by famous architects such as Renzo Piano, Massimiliano Fuksas, Jean Nouvelle, Marco Visconti and Luigi Sturchio.

Equally interesting is the carefully preserved historical part, starting from the entrance hall that has been the same since 1947. It is not allowed to get off the shuttle, nor take photos or shots.

there are 2 departures per day, at 12:30 and 13:30, in front of the entrance of the Museum.

The program may undergo changes and cancellations, depending on the commitments of the Fiorano Track and the Factory, which can be communicated until the last moment….