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Maserati Panini Collection

Maserati Panini Collection


One of the most beautiful collections dedicated to Maserati, it is located in the Modena countryside within the Hombre farm owned by the Panini family which, it is tasked with guarding the cars of the Collection, laboriously gathered over many years and reminiscent of the most important milestones in the history of the Trident.

The cars of the Collection are also of great value thanks to the uniqueness of some models, such as the single-seater 6C 34, produced in only 6 examples, brought to victory by the great Tazio Nuvolari in the 1934 Modena Grand Prix.

The A6GCS “Berlinetta” Pininfarina produced in only four pieces considered by international critics one of the most beautiful creations of the Turin coach.

Also very important are the Type 61 “Birdcage”, special for the bold canvasconstruction and the Maserati 420M58, the legendary “Eldorado” that, led by Stirling Moss, fought for the first positions in the 500 Miles of Monza in 1958.

In the same environment, there are other no less important cars linked to other prestigious brands including a Mercedes 300Sl “Gull Wings” or a 1931 Cadillac Limousine 355, in service at the Vatican State.

The collection is completed by 60 motorcycles and motor bikes and 20 vintage agricultural tractors are in the outside area.